Medical & Healthcare

Your partner in providing products that you need. 

At Manticore we partner with Healthcare Companies, Medical Distributors, Doctors, Dentists, Care Homes, and more to get them the products that they need in order to stay compliant. Since we have some of the best pricing on our products it allows you to make larger investments in other aspects of your business.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Keep your staff and patients safe with our full catalog of products.

COVID 19 Test Kits

Our resources allow you to quickly test and evaluate a potential risk in exposure to your team.

Vitamins & Supplements

We carry a full list of products Vitamins, Supplements, Peroxides, and more.

Sanitizers & Probiotic Sprayers

Our Probiotic Sprayers help keep rooms clean daily, proven to kill germs and stay of surfaces for extended periods of time.

Great Medical solutions.
in even better quality.

A full range of medical products that are
top-notch in the market.

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