A Product First Team

At Manticore Supplies we provide our clients with quality products from rigorously vetted manufacturers to make sure that they are to the highest standard for the end user. Whether you are an end-user, broker, or wholesaler. We take pride in all the products that we offer throughout our channels. 

Why clients choose us

Your Team for Distribution, Wholesale, and Sourcing.

Everyone hates looking for the best price on the products they need. Well…Except for us! We love working with companies to get them their necessary products at competitive pricing.  

Quality Products

Providing highly-vetted industry products for our customers.

Sourcing Abilities

Helping teams find products they need at competitive pricing.

Competitive Pricing

Providing competitive pricing so you can invest more into your business.

Consistent Communication

Keeping you involved throughout the cycle.

As an importer of confectionery products, I worked with Manticore Supplies to create new sales channels. I was already selling to wholesalers and agents, but we had no eCommerce activity. They setup the entire channel with its logistics. It added a significant amount of money into our bottom line, not to mention the added exposure.
Mike S.
Polaris Trading
As a healthcare manufacturer, I worked with Manticore Supplies to sell PPE and Hand Sanitizer during the pandemic. They were honest and helpful. While being short-handed, they took on our inbound leads, and continued with their normal sales channels to help keep our revenue flowing. They also came onsite and improved our logistics, efficiency, and overall professionalism. Great partners to have on your side.
F. Monzon
Pharmedica USA
As a coffee producer, I worked with Manticore Supplies to sell my coffee to new chains. The guys came onsite to fix my operations, logistics, and financials. Within a short time period, they were able to help increase our sales significantly, especially during a pandemic, when all the stores were closed. It helped keep our business alive. They pay on time and they are always supportive.
Guillermo M.
As a restaurant chain manager, we desperately needed access to affordable PPE. Everyone was either delivering late or price gouging. I reached out to the Manticore Supplies team and they worked with us to ship directly to all our locations once a month. They always check in and find ways to support our needs. Awesome partners to have on file.
Jessica N.
Pacific Catch